Project NameAuralis
DeveloperTiong Aik Group of Companies
Site AreaTBA
No. Of Units56 Residential Units
Expected TOP2013
Unit Types
  • 1-bedroom: 463 to 495 sqft (20 Units)

  • 2-bedroom: 710 to 753 sqft (18 Units)

  • 3-bedroom: 1012 sqft (6 Units)

  • 2-bedroom Penthouse: 872 to 1001 sqft (4 Units)

  • 3-bedroom Penthouse: 1389 sqft (2 Units)

  • 3-bedroom + Study Penthouse: 1302 to 1668 sqft (6 Units)
  • 1. Foundation
    Pile Foundation

    2. Substructure & Superstructure
    Reinforced Concrete Structural System

    3. Wall
    External: Common clay bricks
    Internal: Common clay bricks or cement blocks and/or dry wall

    4. Roof
    Flat Roof: Reinforced concrete roof with waterproofing system
    Pitch Roof: Metal roof

    5. Ceiling (For Apartments)
    a) Living/Dining, Master Bedroom, Bedroom, Master Bath, Bath, Dry Kitchen, Wet Kitchen, Kitchen, Study, Yard, WC, Store and Balcony
    Skim coat or false ceiling with emulsion paint
    b) AC Ledge
    Skim coat with emulsion paint

    6. Finishes
    a) Internal Walls (For Apartments)
    i) Living/Dining, Master Bedroom, Bedroom, Dry Kitchen, Yard, Study and Store
    Cement and sand plaster with emulsion paint or Skim coat with emulsion paint
    ii) Master Bath, Bath, Wet Kitchen, Kitchen and WC
    Ceramic tiles and/or compressed marble laid up to false ceiling height and on exposed surface only.

    b) Internal Walls (Common Areas)
    i) Lift Lobby (All Storey)
    Ceramic tiles (At designated areas only)
    ii) Staircases, Landing and Common Corridors
    Cement and sand plaster with emulsion paint

    c) External Walls
    i) Cement and sand plaster with textured coating/paint or emulsion painting

    d) Floor (For Apartments)
    i) Living/Dining, Dry Kitchen and Kitchen (For Type A1, A2, A3, D1 & D2 only)
    Compressed Marble with skirting
    ii) Master Bedroom, Bedrooms and Study
    Timber strips with skirting
    iii) Master Bathroom and Bathrooms
    Ceramic tiles
    iv) Wet Kitchen, Kitchen (For all units other than Type A1, A2, A3, D1 & D2 only), WC, Yard, Store, Balcony and Roof Terrace
    Ceramic tiles
    v) Private staircase (For all Penthouse units only)
    Timber strips with skirting

    e) Floor (Common Areas)
    i) All lift lobbies
    Ceramic tiles
    ii) Common Staircases and landing
    Cement and sand screed

    (Note: Marble and granite are natural stone materials containing veins with tonality differences. There will be colour and marking caused by their complex mineral composition and incorporated impurities. While such material can be pre-selected before installation, this non-conformity cannot be totally avoided.

    Granite tiles are pre-polished before laying and care has been taken for their installation. However, granite being a much harder material than marble, cannot be re-polished after installation. Hence some differences can be felt at the joint.)

    7. Windows
    a) Living/Dining, Master Bedroom, Bedroom, Master Bath, Bath, Wet Kitchen, Kitchen and Study
    Aluminium framed windows
    b) WC and Store
    Aluminium framed windows or fixed louvered windows

    a) All aluminium frames shall be powder coated finish
    b) All glazing shall be approximately 6mm thick
    c) All windows are either side-hung, top-hung, bottom-hung or sliding or any combination of the mentioned
    d) All glazing below 1m shall be of tempered or laminated glass

    8. Doors
    a) Main Entrance
    Approved fire-rated timber door
    b) Master Bedroom, Bedrooms, Master Bathroom, Bathrooms and Study
    Hollow core timber door
    c) Kitchen
    Hollow core timber door with glass viewing panel
    d) WC and Store
    PVC door
    e) Yard, Balcony and Roof Terrace
    Aluminium framed glass door

    a) All glazing shall be approximately 6mm thick
    b) All aluminium frames shall be powder coated finish
    c) Doors can either be of swing or sliding type with or without fixed glass panel

    9. Ironmongery
    a) Main entrance door and other hollow core timber doors shall be provided with good quality imported lockset

    10. Sanitary Fittings
    a) Master Bathroom
    -1 shower screen with handheld shower and shower mixer (For all Units, other than Penthouse Units)
    -1 vanity counter c/w basin, mixer tap
    -1 water closet
    -1 mirror
    -1 paper holder
    -1 towel rail
    -1 long bath with handheld shower, rain-shower head and shower mixer (For Penthouse only)

    b) Bathrooms
    -1 shower screen with shower mixer and handheld shower
    -1 vanity counter c/w basin and mixer tap
    -1 water closet
    -1 mirror
    -1 towel rail
    -1 paper holder

    c) WC
    -1 water closet
    -1 paper holder
    -1 wall hung basin with cold water tap
    -1 two-way tap with hand shower set

    d) Kitchen
    -1 single lever sink mixer tap
    -1 kitchen sink

    11. Electrical Installation
    a) Concealed electrical wiring in conduits below ceiling level
    b) Ample provision of lightning and power points with concealed electrical wiring below false ceiling levels and/or ceiling

    12. TV/Telephone
    Ample television points and telephone points ready outlets shall be provided in the apartment

    13. Lightning Protection
    Lightning Protection System shall be provided in accordance with the Singapore Standard CP33

    14. Painting
    a) External Walls: Cement and sand plaster with textured coating or emulsion painting
    b) Internal Walls: Emulsion paint

    15. Waterproofing
    Waterproofing to floors of Kitchen, Master Bathroom, Bathrooms, WC, Yard, Roof Terrace, Balcony, Planter and Reinforced Concrete Flat Roof

    16. Recreational Facilities
    a) Lap Pool
    b) Water feature
    c) Gymnasium
    d) Outdoor Fitness Corner
    e) BBQ Pit
    f) BBQ Pavilion
    g) Dry Garden
    h) Children’s Playground

    17. Driveway and Car Park
    a) Concrete finish with floor hardener and/or interlocking pavers and/or Heavy Duty ceramic tiles.

    18. Other items
    a) Wardrobes
    Built-in wardrobes to all bedrooms
    b) Kitchen Cabinets
    i. For Unit Types A1, A2 and A3 only
    Built-in high and low level kitchen cabinets complete with Built in Microwave, Electric cooker hob, Cooker hood, Washing Machine Cum Dryer and a Fridge
    ii. For All Unit Types other than Types A1, A2 and A3
    Built-in high and low level kitchen cabinets complete with Built in Oven, Gas cooker hob, Cooker hood, Washing Machine Cum Dryer and a Fridge
    c) Town Gas is supplied to all Unit Types other than Types A1, A2 and A3.
    d) Air-conditioning to Living/Dining, Study, Master Bedroom and Bedrooms
    e) Hot Water Supply to Master Bathroom, Bathrooms and Kitchen only
    f) Audio/Video intercom (from Apartment to Side-Gate & Lift Lobby only)
    g) Card Access provided for Side Gate
    h) Surveillance Cameras provided to sentry post and side gates
    i) Automatic Car Barrier access system is provided

    19. TV System
    SHCV TV points provided

    1. The brand and model of all equipments and appliances supplied will be provided subject to availability

    2. Layout/location of wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and fan coil units are subject to architect’s sole discretion and final design

    3. The air-conditioning system has to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis by the Purchaser. That includes the cleaning of filters and clearing of condensate pipes to ensure good working condition of the system

    4. Connection, subscription and other fees for television, SHCV, Internet and other service providers whether chose by the Purchaser or appointed by the Vendor or the management corporation when constituted will be paid by the Purchaser.

    5. Equipment for SHCV will be paid and installed by Purchaser.

    6. Timber is a natural material containing grain and tonal differences. Thus it is not possible to achieve total consistency of colour and grain in its selection and installation.

    7. Wall-No tiles behind/below kitchen cabinet/mirror. Wall surface above the false ceiling level will be left in its original bare condition.